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What I’m watching for in Week 2 of NFL preseason

Who’ll be the number one wideout in Dallas? Who’ll be the back in Tampa Bay? WHO’LL BE THE QB IN BALTIMORE??

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 of the NFL preseason is here and that just means it’s time to build upon our wild overreactions and convince ourselves that despite the hamstring injury, Saquon Barkley is really worth the first overall pick. Yea, it’s happening baby. The Saqvelution is here!

What this week really brings is a chance to see established starters in the league play either a little more than last week or simply actually play for the first time. Looking at you Thomas Brady and Aaronald Rodgers.

So, with that in mind, here’s a look at every game this weekend and what I’m watching for as both a fantasy owner and a football fan.


Eagles at Patriots

  • Outside of Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz, Philly is a grab bag of fantasy options. Will someone emerge from the pack as a worthwhile fantasy investment or will we be trapped having to watch practice reports to see which running back the Eagles might start this week.
  • Dallas Goedert had a solid game last week, does he build upon that? The Zach Ertz shareholder in me hopes not.
  • Speaking of solid games last week, welcome back to the world of the living Jeremy Hill! Now people seem to avoid Patriots running backs like Nick Cage avoids roles that don’t involve insistent shouting but never forget Dion Lewis was RB12 last year in New England. If Hill looks again this week, he quickly could be a guy to snag late in your drafts to stash and see what happens.

Steelers at Packers

  • JuJu Smith-Schuster moss’d a dude last week and if he even makes one more highlight play, I’m 100% buying him in the middle of the fourth round.
  • It’s all about the receivers in Green Bay. We know what Rodgers does (though I guess I wanna see how he throws) and the ground attack could be something to take note of but we all know the bread and butter of this team is gripping and ripping the ball downfield. Equanimeous St. Brown, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and J’Mon Moore—besides for winning first, second and ninety-fifth place at a “Best Names Around the World” contest—all had strong Week 1 showings and I want to see if they can build upon that.

Jets at Washington

  • blah blah blah Sam Darnold is the starting quarterback in New York, don’t mess this up New York blah blah blah. We all know this already.
  • To the important stuff: WHO IS GOING TO CARRY THE FOOTBALL IN WASHINGTON?????? Derrius Guice’s ACL tear blows and now Washington is back to their group of Fat Fit Rob Kelley, Samaje Perine and Chris Thompson. Who is going to get the most carries? What will Thompson’s role be? SO MANY QUESTIONS SO LITTLE ANSWERS!
  • Also, Josh Doctson, could you either clearly suck or clearly rock this preseason? It would really help me make a decision. Thanks.


Chiefs at Falcons

  • I want to see more Pat Mahomes and I want to see him protected this time. Hopefully this game we’ll get our first real look at what a Mahomes led offense is going to look like and maybe even see a little Sammy Watkins this week.
  • As for the Falcons... more Calvin Ridley? We know what we’re getting from the Falcons so what’s there to see? Actually I take that back. I want to see Atlanta drive to the redzone and then throw ten passes just at Julio Jones. Show me you’re finally going to target your best player in the redzone Steve!

Giants at Lions

  • You know who I don’t need to see this game? Saquad Barkley. Wrap him in bubble wrap and keep him in a wooden box that says FRAGILÉ on it. Please and thank you. I know he’s good and I don’t need him injuring himself like every other rookie running back this year.
  • Can I see a little Evan Engram this week please?
  • Kerryon Johnson is who I’m watching in Detroit. He’s looked good so far and if he can continue to build upon his training camp and Week 1 performance, the Lions might finally have a rushing attack, one that’s worth investing fantasy stock into.

Bills at Browns

  • IT’S THE BATTLE OF THE INEPT! And I can not wait. There’s a lot to watch here because so much is up in the air!
  • Josh Allen: does he actually suck? Is he a bust? Will he throw ball good? Or will Nate Peterman continue to show off that he was just jking when he threw five picks last year.
  • Who’s going to catch these balls in Buffalo? Kelvin Benjamin? Zay Jones? Corey Coleman? WE NEED TO KNOW!
  • In Cleveland.... if Baker Mayfield makes one more good play I think the collective football world will simultaneously pee themselves and demand that he starts Week 1 of actual football. Can the punishment master Hue Jackson stand the heat?
  • Also, David Njoku looked amazing against the Giants last week. He’s currently going in the 10th round...

Dolphins at Panthers

  • It sucks we won’t see Devante Parker since we’re likely to see at least a little Ryan Tannehill this game. But really, I need to see Kenyan Drake and he needs to prove to me that those few games last year that he threw together weren’t a fluke.
  • In Carolina, show me more DJ Moore please! I’ve come around to Devin Funchess as an eighth round pick but that could completely change if Moore continues to show off.
  • Also, show me a little Christian McCaffe in between the tackles this game. I’ve heard about all this muscle he’s added, let’s see it on full display.

Cardinals at Saints

  • MORE DAVID JOHNSON. It’s as simple as that for Arizona.
  • Nic has mentioned on this site that Terrance West is a back to keep eyes on in New Orleans with Mark Ingram suspended. I’m interested to see who the Saints seem to like in that backup role behind Alvin Kamara heading into the season. They might be worth snagging end of the draft just for the four weeks Ingram is out.


Jaguars at Vikings

  • Much like the Packers, I’m watching the pass catchers of the Jaguars this game. D.J. Chark made a couple of nice snags last week and could be someone who’s a waiver wire target if his rapport with Bortles builds. Also Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Donte Moncrief looked good. But again, a lot riding on Blake “I like him in the playoffs” Bortles.
  • All you can ask for from the Vikings is seeing more of their starting offense. That’s the biggest question mark heading into fantasy drafts; just making sure that Kirk Cousins and all his receivers are clicking.
  • Will we see Dalvin Cook? I hope so.

Raiders at Rams

  • Outside of just the bland “I want to see the starters play” answer for the Raiders, show me more of Chris Warren who had a big game last week, pumping out 86 yards on the ground and could maybe add some spice to a Raiders backfield we have no idea how it’s going to look.
  • Now I can use my bland “I want to see the starters” answer because that’s what I want to see. Mainly Brandin Cooks since it seems I’m starting to build a hill for him which I may or may not die on.

Bengals at Cowboys

  • More Joe Mixon! He looked great in his brief playing time last week and if we see more from him, I might finally be comfortable taking him in the second round.
  • Also Josh Ross is going to get looks and I want to see that record speed on full display.
  • Rookie receiver Michael Gallup made some nice plays last week and in an offense with no clear number one receiver, he could emerge as the guy in Dallas. If that happens, you’ll want to snag him in fantasy.

Buccaneers at Titans

  • Peyton Barber vs Ronald Jones! That’s what we all came here to see! Dirk Koetter is assuring us that Barber is the starting back in Tampa but is that legit or is he just trying to motivate the rookie? AND WILL THE MOTIVATION WORK?
  • Show me more Chris Godwin as well who’s been lighting it up in training camp.
  • Right now, I need to see two things from the Titans: what the running back distribution will look like—because dangnabit Derrick Henry is a worthwhile fantasy back—and who will emerge as Marcus Mariota’s number one target outside of Delanie Walker?

49ers at Texans

  • Both Jerick McKinnon and Matt Breida are injured so that sucks. I’m then turning my attention to the man whose jawline could cut the elastic to my underwear, Jimmy Garoppolo. He’ll be facing a good defense, even if it’s for part of the game, and I’m be curious to see how he works with the weapons around him.
  • Part of me wants to wrap Deshaun Watson up until Week 1, but another part of me wants to see just a tiny bit more before I shut him down for the preseason (because this is ultimately my decision as a sports blogger/Texans team decision maker). I’ll settle for a quarter of Watson action this weekend and then off to the bench with ya!

Bears at Broncos

  • Matt Nagy’s new offense didn’t look world breaking against the Bengals and You Can Call Me Mitch didn’t look great in first preseason of work. Hopefully that’ll get better since Allen Robinson, Tarik Cohen and many other pass catchers are relying on Trubisky to get me fantasy points!
  • One positive: Adam Shaheen looked great. Maybe Trey Burton isn’t the tight end to get in Chicago.
  • Case Keenum didn’t look great but I don’t care about Case. I care about Royce Freeman who looked splendid in his playing time last week. Keep showing off Rolls Royce (I’m def the first person to think of that).

Seahawks at Chargers

  • Who is going to carry the football in Seattle? Next!
  • I’m watching Mike Williams this entire preseason. I want to see how the Chargers plan on using him, especially around the redzone.


Ravens at Colts

  • I promise these aren’t just getting shorter because I’m 1,600 words in and want to give my fingers a rest and watch something on Netflix. It’s because there are only a few things to watch for in this game.
  • Lamar Jackson. Keep it up!
  • Andrew Luck. Stay healthy!
  • Nyheim Hines. Win that starting RB job!
  • That’s all you need to watch for.