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The Buy and Hold, 2016 Week 9

The name at the top of this week's Buy and Hold remains the same, despite actually being called up this week.

Washington Nationals v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Prospects require patience. We're seeing just how much patience it can really take this year with the example of Jurickson Profar. Profar has been excellent in his brief call up so far, to the point that the Rangers kept him up when Rougned Odor returned from his suspension. He was also the top prospect in the minors in 2013, lost his prospect eligibility the same year, missed all of 2014, returned to the minors in 2015 and to start this year. This is the long way around of reminding you that while prospects can and do make an immediate impact, even the best ones don't always have that happen on a timeline you would expect.

Trea Turner returns to the top of the list this week despite the fact that he is almost assuredly more valuable to the Nationals than Danny Espinosa is, and is still going back to the minors in short order. When do we see him stick in the majors, given the Nationals' loyalty to Espinosa, a manager who isn't exactly known for enjoying having rookies on his roster, and a team in a tight divisional race? I wish we knew, because he definitely should be up to stay and could definitely help his team. Until we do know that though, let's take a look at this week's top 10 fantasy prospects still in the minors.

Graduates (Call Up Article)

Mallex Smith - Called up in Week 1

Nomar Mazara - Called up in Week 1

Aaron Blair - Called up in Week 2

Jose Berrios - Called up in Week 3

Sean Manaea - Called up in Week 3

Julio Urias - Called up in Week 8

These rankings are based solely on their potential 2016 value, and do not include take into account their long-term value for dynasty leagues.

1. Trea Turner, SS, Nationals (Last Week: #1 / Call Up)

Turner returns to the list despite being called up this week given that he is going to be sent back to the minors when Ryan Zimmerman returns from his paternity leave. Going 3 for 3 with a walk in your first game up will leave an impression, and at some point the Nationals are going to have to consider bringing him up to stay.

2. Tyler Glasnow, RHP, Pirates (LW: 2)

3. Jameson Taillon, RHP, Pirates (LW: 3)

The Pirates have gotten some better pitching this week from Jeff Locke, who has thrown 16 innings and allowed just 3 runs while recording two wins. The pitcher who has struggled most is unlikely to be bumped from the rotation though, as Francisco Liriano didn't make it out of the 4th inning against the Angels.

4. Tim Anderson, SS, White Sox (LW: 6)

The White Sox made a big trade yesterday to shore up their starting rotation, and also appear to have made a change at shortstop with Tyler Saladino getting the last four starts at the position. Saladino isn't considered even an average hitter really, and if the White Sox need offense, Anderson could make the most sense.

5. A.J. Reed, 1B, Astros (LW: 7)

6. Joe Musgrove, RHP, Astros (LW: NR)

I was asked about Musgrove last week, and at the time he was outside the top 10. The call up of Urias opened up a spot, and as I looked at where to place Musgrove, I kept thinking about the fact that the Astros are still hanging around in the race, and could look to make a change in the rotation. Mike Fiers pitched better in his last start (6 IP, 7 K, 1 ER), but generally has not pitched well this season and could be moved to the bullpen if they were to bring up Musgrove.

7. Aaron Judge, OF, Yankees (LW: 5)

The prospect staff here at Fake Teams is starting work on our midseason prospect list updates, and we had a brief discussion on email this week about the status of Judge within the Yankees' system. Specifically, I asked whether Judge still belonged ahead of Jorge Mateo or not, given how well Mateo has done and that he has shown more power this season to go with his 80-grade speed. We were in agreement, in that we all have Judge behind Mateo long-term at this point. Domenic Lanza noted that Judge has not adjusted to quality offspeed offerings, which I think could continue to cause issues with batting average long term. He moves down this list right now because I think the Yankees may not call him up before August, which I had previously thought.

8. Nick Williams, OF, Phillies (LW: 8)

9. Blake Snell, LHP, Rays (LW: 9)

10. Jose Berrios, RHP, Twins (LW: 10)

The Twins actually surprised me last week with the demotion of Phil Hughes to the bullpen, as I honestly thought they wouldn't take the step. That doesn't mean that Berrios is going to be called up to take his spot though, as the Twins continue to languish at the bottom of the AL Central, and have little incentive to bring him up unless they feel that the remaining development he needs can only be achieved in the majors.