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Jose Fernandez maybe not on a strict innings limit?

Jose Fernandez says that if he feels strong, it's going to be hard to take him off the mound.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Boras clients have had some innings limit related drama in the last few seasons. Stephen Strasburg was famously shut down before the playoffs at 160 IP in 2012. Matt Harvey had a PR fiasco last September when Boras implied that the Mets would be putting Harvey in peril if they didn't shut him down at 180 innings. And now Jose Fernandez is entering his first full season off TJ surgery, and an innings limit discussion has centered around him.

Innings limits can be rotten for fantasy owners in head to head leagues, because you'd be losing one of your best pitchers for the fantasy playoffs if the team shuts that player down before the season ends. But maybe that isn't exactly what is going to happen with Jose Fernandez.

Fernandez talked to MLB Network's Sam Ryan yesterday and said,

I really don't want there to be an exact innings limit. I think that not everybody is the same. I think that we can work in a range...everything depends on how we feel. As long as I'm feeling strong, it's going to be hard to take me out of the mound.

Fernandez told reporters similar things last week. Clark Spencer wrote,

Fernandez said he would prefer that there not be an unbendable innings restrictions limit placed on his arm. Rather, he said he would prefer to work within a "range" of maximum innings.

"I feel like there shouldn’t be a set innings limit because you are different than me, and [Tom] Koehler throws different than me, and [Matt] Harvey is different," Fernandez said.

It appears that as long as Fernandez feels healthy and strong, he's got a shot to make it through the entire season without being shut down. Maybe this means the Marlins skip him a few times during the summer to preserve those end of the season starts, but that would be much preferred for fantasy owners in H2H leagues over getting shut down before the fantasy playoffs begin.

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