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Fantasy Baseball Rankings and Draft Strategy for 2016

Ray is in the middle of updating his fantasy baseball position rankings for 2016, and here are links to each in case you missed them this week.Oh, and there are plenty of draft strategy pieces as well.

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Over the last week, I have been updating my fantasy baseball position rankings for 2016 in preparation for the start of our Consensus Position Rankings series that begins the Week of January 25th, so make sure you stayed tuned for more information on that.

Last week, I published my updated rankings for the following positions: catcher, first base, second base, shortstop and third base. On Monday, I will publish my closer rankings, followed by my updated Top 75 outfielder rankings on Tuesday and my Top 75 starting pitcher rankings on Wednesday.

Below you will find links to my updated position rankings, along with my previous outfielder and starting pitcher rankings.

2016 Position Rankings: Previous

Top 100 Hitter Rankings for 2016

Top 50 Outfielder Rankings

Top 50 Starting Pitcher Rankings

Note: I will be updating my outfielder and starting pitcher rankings on Tuesday and Wednesday.

2016 Position Rankings: Updated

Top 30 Catcher Rankings

Top 30 First Base Rankings

Top 30 Second Base Rankings

Top 30 Shortstop Rankings

Top 30 Third Base Rankings

Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy

Mining for breakout power hitters

Searching for 20/20 Speed by Jack Cecil

Searching for 20/20: Power by Jack Cecil

Searching for 20/20: Candidates by Jack Cecil

Dissecting the Stolen Base Category

Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy: Starting Pitchers

Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy: Should we pay up for speed

Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy: Speed guys to target in 2016

Using fly ball rate to identify bounce back power hitters in 2016

Twelve unheralded and dominating starting pitchers to target in 2016

Five starting pitchers you should draft but may have forgotten

Fantasy Rundown

If you are looking for more fantasy baseball rankings and coverage, make sure you check out Fantasy Rundown, your one place on the internet for all things fantasy.