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MLB Trade Rumors: Marlins to trade Jose Fernandez?

One of the best young starters in baseball may join the already stacked list of pitchers available this offseason. Enjoy.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it appears Marlins owner Jeff Loria doesn't want to deal with Jose Fernandez's agent Scott Boras, as there is news today, a rumor, that the Marlins will deal one of the best young starting pitchers in the game, Jose Fernandez, this off season.

According to Craig Mish, from SiriusXM Radio and 790 The Ticket in Miami, the Marlins may deal him. Here is what he tweeted about 20 minutes ago:

"Growing sentiment around Baseball and internally with the @marlins, is Jose Fernandez will be traded this offseason."

There will be 29 other teams interested in trading for Fernandez, and the two teams that come to mind first are the Red Sox and the Dodgers, as both teams have the prospects to deal for Fernandez. The Red Sox would probably have to put together a package around Yoan Moncada and Eduardo Rodriguez, while the Dodgers would have to start any trade offer with Julio Urias and Jose De Leon.

I don't see the Red Sox dealing Mookie Betts or the Dodgers dealing Corey Seager, but the package the Marlins would get in return for Fernandez would be huge. Fernandez is arbitration eligible after the 2016 season and becomes a free agent in 2019.

That said, I am curious what the Marlins will get in return for Fernandez knowing that he has already had Tommy John surgery and had to miss some starts this season due to an issue with his shoulder.

The Marlins making him available is certainly going to make this off season that much more interesting to say the least.