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Fantasy Hockey 2014-15: Fake Teams Hockey Leagues

Troy Langefeld and Fake Teams are inviting you to play Fantasy Hockey this year!

Are you ready to play fantasy hockey this year? - Photo Crdit
Are you ready to play fantasy hockey this year? - Photo Crdit
Alexander Hassenstein

We are halfway through our fantasy hockey draft kit and I've decided to make a change from my schedule. Instead of doing mock draft analysis later in the month, I'm inviting the Fake Teams community to participate in an actual draft with me and then play the upcoming season in a free Fake Teams hockey league. There will still be two drafts and draft recaps/analysis, one for a snake draft and one for an auction draft, but I want to change them to real drafts because mock drafts don't usually show a true representation of what you'll see in your draft given the tendency for people to autodraft. And I don't have enough clout (yet) to invite a bunch of industry experts to a draft and have them accept the invite in order to bypass this pesky autodraft issue.

So what do you say? Would you like to participate in a hockey league with me? I'm going to use standard Yahoo! leagues with very slight modifications and you must be alright with me critiquing your picks in the upcoming articles.

If you'd like to join a standard snake draft league:

If you'd like to join an auction draft league:

Looking forward to playing the upcoming fantasy hockey season with you!

Our draft kit coverage is going well so far. If you've missed anything, you can find it all here:

Fake Teams 2014 Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit

I'm new to the twitterverse, but I'd love to hear your feedback and questions. Follow me on Twitter @HockeyGauntlet for more of my thoughts and all of your fantasy hockey needs. #IsItOctoberYet