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Fantasy Hockey 2012 - Pick ups of the week

I got some mid week pick ups coming your way. Trying out a new format.

The Veterans

Now we all know that Todd Bertuzzi is not going to return to anywhere near what he used to be, but take a look at who he is playing with. It's Pavel Datsyuk and Johan Franzen. You could put anyone there and they'll produce, it happens to be Bertuzzi. Pick him up and keep him around for as long as he continues playing on line one.

He hasn't played much this season but Jason Blake is on a hot streak. Just look at his last games stat line: 2 goals, 1 assist and 10 shots, all that in 13 minutes. Ridiculous really, a head scratcher in fact.

Ryan Malone is as streaky as they come, right now it's a positive streak. He doesn't see a lot of ice time with the big guns in Tampa but he still gets the job done. It's a streak, so ride it out because it won't last. But if you're looking for an injury replacement, he'll do.

The Part Timers

More was expected from Sergei Kostitsyn this season, but it hasn't quite turned out that way. He's still among the leaders in offensive stats in Nashville, a team who seriously lacks offensive weapons. He's heating up though, putting the puck in the net more consistently in 2012.

Changes are a-comin in Columbus for Antoine Vermette that can mean a few things. Either advancing in the depth charts or advancing through the exit doors as the trade deadline nears. Either way he's talented but hasn't really put it together to be considered anything close to a first liner. He's got four straight games with points, monitor him.

Why isn't this guy owned in all leagues?

Kyle Okposo is only owned in 23.1% of ESPN leagues. Many fantasy GM's wrote him off early on (including myself) and dropped him. Well he's finally in gear and scoring points at a rapid pace. If for some reason your league is one of the 3/4's of leagues that have him on the waiver wire - please do claim.

The Rookie

He's on a 5 game goal streak, Sean Couturier of the Philadelphia Flyers is starting to make a name for himself. Forcing coach Laviolette to play him in more important situations. At times he's centering the fourth line, and sometimes we see him on line two. One thing is for certain, even if it's just a one year league, pick him up. Look for a great second half.