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Fantasy Football Play-Offs Open Thread

With the 1:00 P.M. games just about finished, there should be plenty of sob stories revolving around the fantasy football play-offs.

From my comments in this diary, you know I started Vikings' RB Ciatrick Fason at my flex position only to see RB Arturo Pinner get three TDs.

Fortunately, that team's play-offs don't start until next week.  (Thank God I have QB Vince Young as I'd hate to have a play-off-restin' QB like Peyton Manning in the Week 17 Championship.)

From my actual play-off game today, I started the Dallas Defense and sat the Miami one (18 points.)  You know, the one that just tossed a shutout against the Patriots.  Worse, my opponent had Jax K Josh Scobee go for 20 points.

Add your reasons for some hatin' of fantasy football, and, if the mood strikes, rub salt in others wounds by posting your smarts for starting Arturo Pinner!