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Week Nine Moves

Beer, 5-3 2nd-best record/980 points tied for 1st

My line-up remains the same as the one that I used last week.

With assistance from Fake Teams' poster, Rayman, I decided to start Chicago's Bernard Berrian in my 3rd WR slot and keep WR Greg Jennings on the bench.  Hopefully, my top two WRs, Torry Holt and Andre Johnson, are good enough to make my 3rd WR a bonus.

I am keeping Miami 1st round flop, RB Ronnie Brown, on the bench versus the Chicago Defense.  Next week will begin the struggles about starting a high round draft pick.

FWIW, the team with the best record in this league (7-1) has scored 200 fewer points than me.  That averages out to 25 points per week in a league where 110 points is a good week.  Anyone who doesn't recognize the large role of luck in fantasy football...

SBN  5-3, tied for 3rd-best record

The super-depth of this 16-team league with seven reserves per team is reflective this week as I sit QB Matt Leinart and start fellow rookie, Tennessee QB Vince Young.

(The lesson is to over-draft QBs relative to the advice of fantasy football experts.)

I am going to keep WR Greg Jennings on the bench for now.  This is a different decision than the one in my Beer League as I do not have any equally viable options in this league.

For now, Baltimore's Derrick Mason gets the call.

To make room for a Kicker due the the Neil Rackers bye, I picked-up San Fran's Joe Nedney.

Yahoo! 12 4th place, 560 points, 46 out of 1st

With RB DeShaun Foster on a bye, I am compelled to keep Seattle's Mo Morris in my flex spot and to starting RB Ronnie Brown against the Bears.

QB Drew Brees returns to the line-up after my failed attempt at match-ups last week.  (Brees against Baltimore and Leinart against Green Bay.)

I dropped Arizona kicker Neil Rackers to pick-up Kansas City's Larry Tynes.  Unlike the Heath Miller move a couple of weeks ago, I won't be going back into the free agent pool to pick Rackers back-up.

Yahoo! 10 0-8 with 21 fewer points scored than a 4-4 team in the league

This league is over.

I replaced Matt Leinart with KC's Damon Huard.  I added Huard and dropped the Pittsburgh defense.

Too bad the trading deadline has passed.  With two decent TEs, Randy McMichael and Jason Witten, a contending team may have been able to upgrade their starter or added some insurance to back-up the TE at fantasy play-off time.