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Week Eleven Moves

Beer, 5-5 2nd-best record/1150 points 3rd highest

For a second consecutive week, my toughest decision is whether to start Dolphins' RB Ronnie Brown following a week's worth of injury news about a sore groin or do I start Vikings' RB Chester Taylor against a resurgent Dolphins' defense.

I did pick-up the Miami Defense to play aginst the WR-less Vikings.  With no further bad news, I'll stick with Ronnie Brown.

SBN  6-4

I picked-up Miami QB Joey Harrington but will stay with the Cardinals' QB Matt Leinart in a favorable match-up aginst the Detroit Lions.

My decision to play Bills' RB Anthony Thomas over Bucs' RB Cadillac Williams worked well as the ATrain went for 100+ while Cadillac didn't break the 50-yard barrier.  I'm sticking with the ATrain against the Texans.

Just as I like Leinart versus the Lions' defense, I like Lions' WR Mike Furrey against the Cardinals.  Normally, I would have moved the Packers' Greg Jennings into the line-up, but Donald Driver's recent performance has convinced me he has recaptured the #1 spot in the GB receiving corps.

Yahoo! 12 3rd place, 704 points, 76 out of 1st

I added RB Cadillac Williams from the free agent pool and dropped Seattle RB Mo Morris.  My faith in Shaun Alexander is too great to overcome!

I also added TE Chris Cooley and dropped Steelers' TE Heath Miller.  With a new QB in Washington and no Santana Moss or Clinton Portis, I expect Cooley to be a vital safety valve in the Redskins passing game - along with Ledell Betts.  

Yahoo! 10 2-8 with 7 fewer points scored than a 5-5 team in the league

After Damon Huard's don't-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out thanks, I went into the free agent pool  and was delighted to see Steelers' QB Ben Roethlisberger sitting atop the pool.  Snatch!  (ed:  "delighted" is not allowed on a fantasy football site.)

He is starting, ad I hope my role as spoiler continues with a third straight victory.

I am giving RB DeSahun Foster one more week before concluding he is no longer a viable starting option.   The ST Louis run defense can do that.