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Week Ten Moves

I'll be heading to the sports bar this week with Fantasy's Andy Richardson.  (For my SBN league mates, check out his latest article on 14-team fantasy footbal leagues.)

Other than how spicy he likes his wings and how much beer he can consume, I'll try to grab some fantasy football nuggets to help Fake Teams readers prepare for the play-off run.

Now on to my moves.

Beer, 5-4 2nd-best record/1083 points 2nd highest

I sat WR Bernard Berrian and started Colt's WR Reggie Wayne.  As things currently stand, I do not forsee changing my WRs for the remainder of the year.  Torry Holt, Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne are three of the Top 10 WRs in the NFL.  You gotta love eight-team leagues!

My toughest decision is whether to believe Dolphins' RB Ronnie Brown is back after his dominating performance against the Bears or whether I start Vikings' RB Chester Taylor against the Packers.

Both backs get all the carries regardless.  On that level I have little to lose.  Taylor is dinged, though.  But the Vikings can't throw so the Pack could stack against the run.

I'd love to hear what you have to say.

SBN  5-4

As quickly as I can, I got Vince Young out and inserted Matt Leinart.  Then I processed the moves to make sure I didn't forget!

In a riskier move, I benched RB Cadillac Williams against the Panthers in Carolina and started the Bills Anthony Thomas against the Colts.  Let's hope the Colts run defense remains unable to defend its manhood!

At my WR2, I sat Greg Jennings and started Lions WR Mike Furrey.  This is purely a decision based on Jnnings' not practicing and the fact he left last week's game before it was finished.  I'd rather see Furrey play the whole game than read Jennings has left halfway through the second quarter.

Yahoo! 12 3rd place, 640 points, 53 out of 1st

Another tough decision in this league.  I have RBs Mo Morris and DeShaun Foster.  Both backs are facing soft run defenses in the Rams and Buccaneers, respectively.

I am going with Foster as he is the better back, and Seattle's Shaun Alexander is not listed as "out."

I'd love your feedback.

Yahoo! 10 1-8 with 12 fewer points scored than a 5-4 team in the league

Using the combined logic in my Yahoo! 12 league and my Beer one, I started Panthers' RB DeShaun Foster and sat Vikings' RB Chester Taylor.

Other than that move, I have none to make for this last place team.