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Answers for DET/MIN & MIA/NE

Detroit at Minnesota 1:00 p.m.

The Lions struggled, statistics-wise, against the Vikings.  QB Jon Kitna passed for a season-low 225 yards, but, when he was not fumbling or throwing INTs, he managing to toss a TD pass and rush for another.

It wasn't a great game, but it wasn't Charlie Frye either.

Not only didn't RB Kevin Jons extend his scoring streak to three games, he didn't even extend his streak of double digit yards to five games!  10 carries and 8 yards have his owners feeling very sore this A.M.

WR Roy Williams left early with an injury, but it wasn't First Four Weeks Furrey who got the extra looks.  It was 2002-2004 Lions disappointment Az-Zahir Akim who caught  passes for 92 yards.

If Williams can't go next weekend, woe is be the team that must pick a Lions receiver to start.

The Vikings offense was unable to score a TD this week.  If they can't do it against Detroit, who can they score on?

Both TDs came courtesy of the defense.  As sore as the Kevin Jones owners are right now, the ones who plucked Minnesota Defense for the bye week are as giddy.

WR Troy Williamson is a 1st round bust.  Selected 7th overall, he has been a "sleeper" for a three years.  Following his third consectutive 4th-receiver performance, there is very little reason to waste hope on him.

RB Chester Taylor had his best game of the season with 123 yards rushing and 31 receiving.  If only Minnesota wasn't TD-adverse, Taylor would be a solid RB2.


Miami at New England 1:00 p.m.

QB Daunte Culpepper was inactive this week.  Hopefully, no one started him and was unable to switch him out.

With Joey harrington at QB, Chris Chambers caught 5 passes for 29 yards.  I am sure there are a lot of fantasy owners who started Chambers.  Hopefully, they didn't have Kevin Jones, too.

With Culpepper out, I had anticipated RB Ronnie Brown carrying a larger workload.  He did not.  In fact, if not for the Jets next week, Brown would be on the bench.

A RB who fumbles twice while averaging fewer than 3.0 ypg in a game doesn't merit the starting job.

I predicted a Miami win if Rb Lawrence Maroney had 15/35.  He had 18/38.  And if the no-name WRs had fewer than 50 yards.  Troy Brown had 58, but no other wide receiver had more than 11. And if QB Tom Brady had an atrocious statline with 160 yards.  He threw for 140 yards.

And the Pats still won.  Thanks fantasy gods!

WR Doug Gabriel had only two receptions and seven yards.  There isn't even a nominal #1 receiver on the PAtriots!