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Questions for BAL/DEN

Baltimore at Denver 8:30 p.m.

As will be typical of most weeks, wondering if any Raven amongst the skills position players is fantasy-starter worthy is the question.

Unfortunately, we'll only know it after the fact.  One could easily say the starting RB is the one starter, but RB Jamaal Lewis has not been good - for a couple of seasons now.  He had 906 yards last year in 15 games.

60 yard per game is an after-thought, but thanks to his outstanding 2003 season, he is still thought of as a potential RB1.

The question is how many 15/34 games Lewis can have before RBs Mike Anderson and Musa Smith take enough carries away that make Lewis an unstartable player.  Heck, one must ask whether there would be a RBBC transition or would JLewis lose the job outright.

The Broncos are as offensively enigmatic as the Ravens.  Going into the first three games, the shakeout of the Running Backs Bell was the big issue.  Finally, Tatum took control.  

The question is now how much leash Shanahan gives him before deciding to give Mike another opportunity.

QB Jake Plummer staved off the Jay Cutler calls with a good game against the Pats going into a bye.  As such, the drumbeat is considerably less right now.

However, he is always a three INT game away from reviving those beats.

WR Javon Walker had an 83-yard TD reception last week to bring his season-to-date numbers to respectabilty.  Minus that one recpetion, he has just 10 recpetions and 167 yards.

Rod Smith has 10 recpetions and 94 yards.

I cannot conclude that Walker is a legit WR2 right now nor can I say with any confidence the Broncos have a passing game any better than their Monday night opponent's game.