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Week Five Moves

Update [2006-10-8 11:34:47 by Eric Hz]: ESPN is reporting Miami QB Daunte Culpepper is out for this week. Maybe a heavy dose of RB Ronnie Brown is in the cards?


Last week, I cautioned against second-guessing oneself in shallow leagues. The reason for this warning was the decision I had to make between RBs Ronnie Brown and Chester Taylor.

I had believed Chester Taylor to be ready for a season-best game but stayed with Brown.  Brown did not do well, but he lapped Taylor a couple times.  When you get 23 yards, that is not hard.

I picked-up Bomb Berrian and re-picked up WR Greg Jennings while saying "Aloha" to Drew Bennett and Donald Driver.

With WR Andre Johnson on a bye, I decided to start Jennings against a Rams pass defense rather than Berriam against the Bills DBs.  it's a coin flip but I am gambling that Berriam is going to get the extra attention his year deserves.

While finally getting the Leinart QB start, I'm going to stay with Marc Bulger versus the Packers rather than hope Leinart does well against the Chiefs.

With Seattle on their bye, I'll have Dave Akers in place of Josh Brown.  I see no discernable difference.


With Jags WR Matt Jones out, I decided to play RB Cadillac Williams in the WR/RB and keep Fred Taylor where he was last week due to the pourous Jets run defense.

I survived the starting of QB Andrew Walter only because I came upon the team that hasn't participated since the draft.  Is there any other way to explain Patrick Ramsey starting at QB?

This week, however, I will have rookie Matt Leinart going with Vince Young remaining on the bench.   Leinart has the weapons, and Young does not.

In the mean time, I took Lions WR Mike Furrey from the pool and dropped LaBrandon Toefield.  I don't see anyone but Maurice Jones-Drew taking carries from Taylor in Jacksonville.

This feels like a free move as a player with no value was cut.  Next up, QB Andrew Walter.

Yahoo! 12

I moved Heath Miller back in at TE and await the opportunity to waive Johnson at the next best opportunity.

Currently, I lead this points-only league with 299.87 through four weeks, and this with Ronnie Brown and Chris Chambers.

As is typical during bye week season, I have to play a player I would normally advise against due to unpredictable playing time patterns.  This week I'll have to play RB DeSahun Foster as WR Andre Johnson is on his bye, and a shallow free agent pool.  

Would WR Braylon Edwards be a better option?  I don't know, but Lamont Jordan rolled-up 128 yards against the Browns D, so I'll take my chances with Foster.

Yahoo! 10

My bye week moves are to sit Seattle's Darrell Jackson and start Minnesota's Troy Williamson in his place.  Let's hope the Lions pass defesne hasn't been able to adjust to the thrashings it has received from Green Bay and St. Louis.

I also dropped DJax to pick-up Giants kicker Jay Feely to start in Josh Brown's stead.  With such a shallow league, the options amongst free agent kickers are too numerous to list.  So I went with the highest rated one.

Following my own advise, I have benched QB Daunte Culpepper and am starting rookie QB Matt Leinart in his place.  It is risky, but when you're 0-4, chances have to be taken.  (Or maybe that move typifies why I am 0-4?)

To keep that lede going, I am going to start the Pittsburgh Defense in San Diego and sit the Cowboys in Philadelphia.  I more easily see Pittsburgh, coming off a bye and an embarassing effort vs Cincy, stopping the run and QB Phillip Rivers than I see the Cowboys stopping QB Donovan McNabb in Philly.