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Questions for OAK/SF

Oakland at San Francisco 4:05 p.m.

The Raiders stink or so their record and performance indicates.  Going across the bay should provide its best chance of doing something the football world could interpret as "good".

Lamont Jordan is the only sure play in fantasy football.  QB Andrew Walter was horrific.  Some would say he was Alex Smith circa 2005 and that there is little chance for marked improvement.  (OK only me.)

Their "stud" WR Randy Moss is apathetic about his or his team's performance:

"I'm not concerned about football right now.  I'm loving life.

I don't see anybody else having a concern, so why should I? There are negative things going on now. I'm not the only one unhappy."

It was a bad game for me.  It was hard to get into the game physically, to get myself sweating. But you have to be a pro."

Will Randy Moss provide his definition of "pro"?  

As for the 49ers, they were embarassed last week with QB Alex Smith playing like it was two thousand and five.  The question is how far does he counce back towards the levels he established in the first three games of 2006?

WR Antonio Bryant has been shut down two weeks running after exploding on to the fantasy scene in the first two weeks with 245 yards and a TD.  Can he pad those numbers against the Raiders secondary?  Will a thrid stinker in a row find him in trade proposals throughout the fantasy world?

RB Frank Gore's season has mirrored Bryant's season with two good games to start the season followed by fantasy disappointment - especially in leagues that subtract points for fumbles.  When you RB gains 52 and 65 yards with a fumble in each game, you're looking at TE-type performance from a player meant to carry the scoring load.

While the hyperbole following his first two weeks was just that, there is no reason to think Gore isn't a solid RB2 - until he fumbles his way out of goal line carries!  

FWIW, he hasn't come close to the 83 yards receiving he had in Week One.  In fact, his combined numbers in the next three games are 10/46.