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Questions for NJY/JAX

N.Y. Jets at Jacksonville 4:05 p.m.

The Jets ran the ball much better as a team last week. Can this continue with last week's leading rusher, Cedric Benson, out for a month with an injury?

Will it be Kevan Barlow or rookie Leon Washington doing the heavy lifting?  Really, can the Jets realistically continue to give ol' 2.7 ypc Barlow any more chances?

Last week's game proved that the receiving tandem of Coles and Cotchery deserve serious consideration each week as starting fantasy options.

I wonder, though, if everyone was wrong in the pre-season prognostications or if we converts are headed towards a Jim Jones ending.

The Jaguars went from dominating defense to rollovers as the Redskins shredded them through the air and on the ground.

I can't imagine the Jets doing the same.  However, if it does occur, then the Defense has to be thrown into the fray of non-descript, match-up-based ones that either exist in the free agent pool or currently ride the becnh waiting to be cut when the next big free agent to emerges.

The Jets run defense cedes 140 ypg.  How will the Fred Taylor/Maurice Jones-Drew backfield shake-out?  Another poor game from Taylor, and he is likely out as an every week starter - byes notwithstanding.

WR Reggie Williams has had two 90+ yards receiving games.  With WR Matt Jones out, can Williams withstand the extra defensive scrutiny his season would entail?

Who is George Wrighster?  He is the TE who has caught 9 balls the past two weeks.  With only 78 yards, though, he is not going to cause anyone to cut bait on their current TEs, but another 4 or 5 ball week would make him someone to grab.