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Questions for KC/AZ

Kansas City at Arizona 4:05 p.m.

QB Damon Huard should be primed for a third consecutive game in which he either helps the Chiefs win or doesn't help them lose.  (Should that instead be the verb form of Drew Bledsoe i.e "...or doesn't bledsoe them?")

He has completed 76% of his passes with no INTs.  Despite the 25th ranked pass defense of the Cardinals, I expect that performance to worsen.

RB Larry Johnson is averaging nearly 150 total yards through three games with just two TDs.  Against a weak Arizona defense, is it too much to expect 150+ total yards and a doubling of his 2006 scores?

Eddie Kennison had a good game last week.  Will that one game turn into a mini-streak?

The biggest question for the Cardinals is how well the transition goes from Turnover Warner to rookie QB Matt Leinart.  He has drawn a tough passing defense in the Chiefs.

But he has a tremendous arsenal of weapons to assist him in RB/de facto TE Edgerrin James and WRs Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Bouldin.

If, in fact, the players really preferred Elinart over Warner, then I can see a little extra effort this week accruing to the benefit of Leinart.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much that helps James' rushing numbers.  Will he average 4.0 ypg and carry it 25 times?  If so, this will be a mild upset for the Cards.

For an example of how the mighty have fallen, a 25/100 game for James would set season highs in yardage and ypg.