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Questions for STL/GB

St. Louis at Green Bay 1:00 p.m.

Don't look now but QB Marc Bulger has consecutive 300 yard passing games.  While anticipating three in a row is usually unwise, if it does happen, it can happen against the Packers.  The Pack is currently yielding 292 passing yards per game.

Geez, they are giving up nearly 400 yards per game in total.

While RB Stephen Jackson is not getting "workhorse" level carries, he has been very good with the 22 he has gotten - just about 92 yards per game.  If he scores a couple of TDs, any lingering doubts about his 1st round value with be erased.

Will any of the Big Three Rams - Bulger, Jackson and Holt - have a bad fantasy game against the Packers?

Green Bay has yet to score a rushing TD.  The odds are they will do it this week, and that makes RB Vernand Morency a good gamble.  The Rams give-up 120 yards rushing per game so worries about Morency getting 20+ carries and not producing are less worrisome.

With WR Donald Driver nurisng sore ribs, can rookie WR GReg Jennings produce with the opposing defense focusing on him?  If he does, there will be no questioning whether or not he is a good play at WR2.

But for the first game where he only caught one pass, he has out-performed Driver.