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Questions for MIA/NE

Miami at New England 1:00 p.m.

That's done.  After QB Daunte Culpepper led his owners to four losses,  he will likely be on the bench for most fantasy teams.  (Sorry.  I'm projecting what he's done to me!)

The question will be whether or not he continues to fu...screw his owners over by putting up a good fantasy game while sitting on the bench.

And if he does, WR Chris Chambers should benefit too.

RB Ronnie Brown is likely the only one of the three who is "guaranteed" to be playing for his owners.  This despite averaging a hair under 60 yards per game.  If not for the 39 yards per game receiving...

The Patriots are coming off an utter shellacking of the Bengals in Cincinnati.  Given the bad Dolphins and the Cincy game, I can see the  fantasy gods giving a Miami win and Pats loss.

If that occurred, the 15 carries of Lawrence Maroney would go for 35 yards and not 125.  The no-name WRs would have less than 50 yards, and QB Tom Brady would have a stat line I'd have expected from Chad Pennington prior to the season - 22/49/160/0.

To be fair, Brady's stats sans the Denver game, are very close to that.  (Well, the yards are.)

From a less hypothetical standpoint, will WR Doug Gabriel cement the nominality of the #1 receiver tag for the Pats?  Will Maroney be an effective fantasy back with 15 or so carries?