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Oddsmakers Signals

The most noticebale game in this week's lines is the Colts/Titans.  Indianapolis is favored by 18 points.

Obviously, the Titans aren't expected to keep up with the scoring of the Colts.

The Giants are four point favorites, coming off

the bye, against the offense-resurgent Redskins.  I'd have thought this game would be a three-point line, but expectations for the Giants appear slightly higher.

What do the Jets need to do to get some respect?  Seven-point road underdogs against a Jaguars' team that has a hard time running the ball?  Oh wait.  The Jets allow 140 yard rushing per game and 378 overall.

The Viking's are 6.5 point favorites against a Lions team that has not had any trouble scoring points the past two weeks.  I can't interpret that any way but as a vote of confidence for the Vikings defense and not one for its offense field goal driven offense.

Once again, the linesmakers have the Panthers are big favorites.  This time it is an 8.5 point spread over the Browns.  Squeaking by the Saints doesn't allow me to conclude the Panthers can score enough points to cover nor can they prevent Chalrie Frye from connecting with Braylon Edwards or Kellen Winslow.

When can a team come off a 41-0 loss and still be favorites the next week?  When they play the Raiders!  The 49ers should be able to score on Oakland.  I wonder if that line isn't giving too much credit to the Raiders ability to score.  QB Andrew Walter did not look good.