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Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball Draft

This afternoon I set up a fantasy basketball team on Yahoo! and waited for the results of the autodraft.

After marking the Yahoo! email notifying me I signed-up as "Not Spam", I set the league aside until tomorrow morning when I would examine how the autopick draft went.

I moved some point guards up the rankings list to ensure I landed one of the top ones.  There are decent PFs I could land in the 2nd or 3rd rounds and plenty of SG to go around.  When is Richard Hamilton taken every year?  The 5th or 6th round?

Anyhow, I checked my email later in the afternoon and saw that my team was ready.  Cool, I'd have something to look at on the train ride home.

When I clicked through to the league page, I found that a Live Draft was underway. Inadvertently, I had selected that option and not autodraft.

Entering mid-way through the 6th round, I had (1) LeBron James, (24) Vince Carter, (25) Jermaine O'Neal, (48) Carlos Boozer and (49) Antawn Jamison.

Yikes!  No point guards!  As my 6th pick approached, I needed to check all the available players and try to grab a good value PG and a C.

After reading glowing (planted?) articles this week in the NY Post, I took Eddie Curry.  I know he is a soft rebounder, but Isaiah has lot invested in him, and he is a top FG% play.

At PG, I took new Hawk Speedy Claxton.  He may have been a reach but, with only a couple minutes to decide and the prospect of another 23 players being taken, I selected him.

When the draft came back, I took Sam Cassell and former UCONN disappointment turned 3-pt god, Charlie Villaneuva.

With two PGs, albeit 2nd tiers ones, I was ready to just take best-available and high upside players.  The last four selections were SG Jamaal Crawford, SF Ryan Gomes, 1st round pick from UCONN, Rudy Gay, and Clips back-up PG Shaun Livingstone.

Given my level of preparedness, I feel OK about my team.

Give me your thoughts in the Comment section.