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Week Eight Moves

The questions for this week's game fell victim to this exam - Part II (Expert) of the CGIPS certification.

My apologies.


Thank God for the Dolphins' bye week.  This "forces" me, and other fantasy teams, to get 1st round flop, Ronnie Brown, on the bench.  In his place, I have Chester Taylor.

With such a shallow league, Taylor was on the bench for last week's season-best game, but, as I have said repeatedly, that is a very common occurence in shallow leagues.  I do not let it bother me.

I had to chose between Colts' WR Reggie Wayne and Bears WR Bernard Berrian.  Unlike the Marvin Harrison decision I blogged about earlier this week, I feel comfortable going with Berrian over the Colts' #2 WR against the Broncos' Defense.


With the doubtful staus of Green Bay's WR Greg Jennings, I am forced to scramble more than one would expect with the bye weeks effectively ended.  (Buffalo, Detroit, Miami, Washington qualify with a total of six fantasy starters - McGahee, Jones and Williams, Brown and Portis.)

So into the free agent pool I go.  I took Baltimore's Derrick Mason and waived Troy Williamson.  Hopefully, the change in offense coordinator in Baltimore has the team throwing a little more to the WRs.

FWIW, my injured WRs are Jacksonville's Matt Jones, the aforementioned Jennings, bye week players Mike Furrey and Derek Hagan, and the waiting-to-be-waived Cedric Wilson.

With the flex position, I need only start two WRs.  One is Torry Holt.   One wouldn't expect such a uncertain situation with the 2nd, would one?

I also pre-emptively picked-up Steelers' back-up QB Charlie Batch.  Roethlisberger's concussion on top of his appendectomy on top of his motorcycle accident has me concerned.  

Yahoo! 12

Last week, I gambled the Cowboys Defense would score more points than my TE, Heath Miller.  Miller caught a TD and scored six.  The Cowboys Defense had five points.

This week, I went back into the pool and took Miller out of it and kicked the Cowboys Defense to the curb.  With the Baltimore Defense, there is little chance I will need to hold any other D for the remiander of the year.

This is another of my leagues where the Dolphins bye has thankfully compelled me to sit my Dolphins.  In WR Chris Chambers' place is Torry Holt for a top-ranked receiving tandem of Holt and Andre Johnson.

Ronnie Brown's spot is taken over by the likely carries-decreasing Thomas Jones.

I have QB Drew Brees on the bench this week versus the Ravens and playing rookie QB Matt Leinart against the woeful Packers.

Yahoo! 10

This team is 0-7.  But for this website, I'd punt this team for the remainder of the season.

With little enthusiasm, I benched Greg jennings and started Reggie Wayne.  With Darrell Jackson and Joey Galloway, I am unsatisfied.  Maybe the wind at Giants Stadium won't have any effect on Galloway's longball receptions with a rookie QB?

I picked-up TE Jason Witten to fill-in for Dolphins TE Randy McMichael, and RB Ronnie Brown is sititng in favor of Chester Taylor.

With Foster and Taylor, I left Cadillac Williams on the bench.  The question is which of my starting RBs is going to flop while Williams has his best game of the season.

That is the thing that happens to 0-7 teams.