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Answers for Redskins/Colts and Giants/Cowboys

Washington at Indianapolis

QB Mark Brunell had a "passable" performance.  With 226 yards and two TDs, he wasn't the reason fantasy teams lost.  However, he wasn't the reason they were happy if they started WR Santana Moss.

One of Brunell's TD passes went to TE Chris Cooley.  The other went to WR James Thrash.  Other than D.C. residents, was anyone else aware that Thrash was still in the NFL?

Ledell Betts and Clinton Portis split the carries.  With the Redskins on their bye, Portis' owners hope the "high ankle sprain" heals in two weeks.

Prior to the game, Colts RB Domanick Rhodes was announced as the starter.  He preceeded to be outplayed by rookie RB Joseph Addai, 26 yards to 85.  Addai also caught a pass for 20 yards to Rhodes one for six.

And Reggie Wayne broke through with 100+ yards and a score.

There is a very small window of opportunity to buy each of them lower than their draft status would indicate.

New York Giants at Dallas

Tiki Barber remains atop the rushing leaders board following his 114 yard performance.  (Hey, Bill!  154 yards rushing isn't Bledsoe's fault, is it?)  What is stunning is Barber has zero, nada, zilch, no TDs.

T.O came within 2 yards of the perfect fantasy game - 100 yards and a TD.

What will be interesting to watch is whether or not WR Terry Glenn remains the favorite receiver with Tony Romo leading the attack.

Personally, if I were Romo, I'd stick with T.O.

Julius Jones must have been relieved to see Marion Barber not taking TDs away, but equally distressed to see Drew Bledsoe get one just before being yanked for the season!