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Answers for Eagles/Buccaneers & Steelers/Falcons

Philadelphia at Tampa Bay 1:00 p.m.

He did it.  Amazingly, Donovan McNabb extended his streak to seven of a different receiver having a super fantasy game.  Rhonde Barber had two receptions for 103 yards and two TDs.

That qualifies the Tampa Bay Defense as stud #7.

As for Eagles, RB Brian Westbrook had the rare 100/100 rushing/receiving duo with a 52-yard TD pass.

Even in a game where McNabb earned a Bledsoe, he still threw for more than 300 yard with 3 TDs and an additional 76 yards rushing.  Let's see.  At one point per 10 yards rushing, he earned 7 points.  To get 7 points passing, he'd needed to have thrown for another 175 yards (25 yards per point).

But for McNabb's INTs, Tampa Bay would have lost.  Rookie QB Bruce Gradkowski threw for a Plummer-esque 104 yards and no TDs.

The Buccaneers running backs rushed for 96 yards on 26 carries.  Cadillac Williams did gain 83 yards and made his case for being afflicted with PSSYS (Poor Scoring Soaring Yardage Syndrome).  


Pittsburgh at Atlanta 1:00 p.m.

Ben Roethlisber is back!  He threw three first-half TD passes.  Then left the game with a head injury.  Reports say he is OK and will play next weekend, but he is now an injury risk.

Week One starter, Charlie Batch, replaced Big Ben and threw two TDs himself.  Batch is a must-grab if Roethlisberger goes down.  He has thrown 5 TD passes in a game-and-a-half in the Steelers' offense.

Regarding the Falcons' defense:

....will Fast Willie Parker bear the brunt of an angry Falcons' defense?  Can the Steelers passing game take advantage of that?

It did shut down Fast Willie. He only had 47 yards on 20 carries with a fumble.

As everyone knows, QB Michael Vick had his career-best TD day with four touchdown passes. What fantasy owners know is QBs with 4 TDs in yardage leagues get more than 40 points.  Vick had 33 because he had just 232 yards passing.  His 40 yards rushing offset the -4 points from his two INTs.

For the second consecutive week, a fantasy player scored a number of TDs that would signal 40 point games and did not get them.  (T.O.'s 3 TD receivng game last week.)

FWIW, TE Agee Crumpler likely had the TE-best game of 2006 with 3 TDs and a 106 yards (33 points).

The Falcon's WRs?