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Answers for Patriots/Bills

I am shocked to see the Patriots scored four touchdowns in this game.

Tom Brady passed for fewer than 200 yards, and the RBBC ran for fewer than 100 yards.  It was led by Corey Dillon's 47 yards and two TDS whilst fantasy exciter, rookie Lawrence Maroney, managed a measly 29 on eight rushes.

Just in time for fantasy teams to ignore TE Ben Watson, he catches 5 passes for 60 yards.  Still, that's only six points.  And further still, those 60 yards led all NE receivers.  His five receptions only tied for the lead with WR Reche Caldwell.  He had but 22 yards on his five.

While the Pats got four TDs with less than 200 yards passing and fewer than 100 yards rushing, the Bills only managed two FGs with the same stats.

Fortunately, most of those yards went to RB Willis McGahee who had 59 yards on the ground and 61 through the air.  No TD, but that is expected from an RB suffering from PSSY.

And WR Lee Evans, the receiver who I wondered would finally break a big game?  He had a reception and eleven yards.

FWIW, QB JP Losman threw an INT and fumbled twice in his Bledsoe-lite performance.  Granted all three turnovers occurred near mid-field or in Pats territory, but to earn a full-fledged Bledsoe, a QB must have at least one of his turnovers ran back for a defensive TD.