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Answers for Jaguars/Texans

Geez, if you thought Miami stumbling against the packers was an upset, then categorizing Jacksonville's loss to Houston qualifies as a six sigma event.

Heck, even the Dolphins scored in double digits agains the Texans.

RB Fred Taylor ran for 84 yards which is about what anyone could expect with a 2/3 split of the carries with Maurice Jones-Drew, who managed the TD amongst his 10 total yards!

What the Jags didn't want were the two fumbles!  (Neither do his fantasy owners!)

Every Jacksonville WR was a fantasy failure this weekend as was their QB, Byron Leftwich.  Geez, 125 yards passing against Houston?

Andre Johnson and David Carr were once again solid.  Carr three two TDs and no INTs while Johnson caught 8 passes for 106 yards and a score.  Expect Johnson to go over 100 receptions this year.

Despite my sarcasm, RB Wali Lundy rewarded his fantasy owners with 93 yards and a TD.  Sam Gado got the start managed just 27 yards on 10 rushes.