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Answers for Packers/Dolphins

Against the biggest surprise of the 2006 season, on the downside, the Packers managed to run all over the Dolphins.  This week it was the always-gimpy Ahman Green who broke off a 70-yard TD to finish with 118 yards rushing.

Pre-bye week hero, Noah Herron, did nothing in fantasy terms. 5 yards rushing gets zero points.

Ascendent rookie WR Greg Jennings left early in the game with an injury.  This allowed previous #1 Donald Driver to recapture the top spot with 10 receptions and a TD.  Surprisingly, Driver wasn't able to crack 100 yards.

The Dolphins are a mess.  Ronnie Brown is a pure match-up back now after failing against the Packers with just 59 yards rushing and no TDs.

QB Joey Harringtonm threw a fantasy-pleasing 414 yards and two TDs.  Unfortunately, he threw 3 INTs, one of which was returned for a TD.

In terms of pass distribution, he hit WR Marty Booker and TE Randy McMichael with seven passes, WR Wes Welker with six, and RB Ronnie Brown and rookie WR Derek Hagan with five each.

The big loser was 3rd round pick, WR Chris Chambers.  He caught two passes.

The other big losers are the actual Dolphins fans who have to deal with the colossal personel errors made in the off-season at QB.