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Week Seven Moves

Other than Torry Holt, the six-team bye week won't affect this team too badly.  In addition to Holt, I'll have to sit QB Marc Bulger and WR Bomb Berrian.

In their places are QB Matt Leinart and WRs Greg Jennings and Reggie Wayne

Following up on last week's tidbit on the 0-5 team in this league who had not gotten a TD from his starting QB.  Well, that ended with Vick's rushing TD against the Giants.

Prior to last week, the most points scored by any team in a week was 139.  This 0-5 team scored 144.  Unfortunately, the team he played scored 172.

FWIW, my team scored 154.


Last week's six-team bye caused as much dificulty as I had anticipated as I lost 132-105.  My forced starters - Justin Fargas, Derek Hagan, Mike Furrey - totaled 10 points.  My opponent had the Eagles' Reggie Brown.  Just too much to overcome, and 105 points is a good week.

I have to replace four players due to the byes.  WRs Torry Holt and Derek Hagan, Rb Justin Fargas and TE Todd Heap go to the bench - two of which are on their way to the pool at the next opportunity.

In their places is WR Greg Jennings, RBs Chester and Fred Taylor (flex) and TE George Wrighster.  

A couple weeks after Shanahan said Tony Sheffler would be a bigger part of the passing game, TSheff has yet to catch a pass.

At TE, I can gamble this is the week he gets a reception!  However, I decided to play it safer and picked-up Jacksonville TE Geaorge Wrightster and waived Justin Fargas.

Amazing how quick those opportunities come up!

Yahoo! 12

Last week, I had no players on a bye.  This week I have QB Marc Bulger, WR Torry Holt, Baltimore Defense and RB Thomas Jones.  Fortunately, I have Cards QB Matt Leinart going against an apathetic Raiders team, and Dolphins WR Chris Chambers.

However, I had to dip into the pool for a flex player.  I waived TE Eric Johnson and took RB Maurice Morris.  The decision came down to him or Bills' WR Lee Evans.

Given this league is not a heavy yardage one, I took the RB with no backfield competition versus the one receiving threat with a poor QB and against the Patriots defense.

With that same yardage consideration, I decided to waive my only TE Heath Miller to pick-up the Dallas Defense to start while Baltimore is on a bye.   At one point per 20 receiving yards and no TD-length bonuses, even if Miller matched his Week One total of 11, the Dallas Defense can get close to that on sacks(1), INTs(2), and fumble recoveries(2).

In this points-only lead, I am atop the 12-team pile.

Yahoo! 10

I lost for the 6th time this year, but, at least, I knew enough to start Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams over DeShaun Foster!  Woo hoo!

This week, though, I've got four viable RBs - Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams, DeShaun Foster, and Chester Taylor.

I've countered an offer of Carson Palmer-for-DeShaun Foster with Cadillac Williams instead.  With the offer out there, I started Foster against a weak Bengals run defense.

WR Greg Jennings is back in the starting line-up, and his bye week replacement, WR Wes Welker, sits near the top player waiting to be waived - Minnesota's Troy Williamson.

In addition the RB decision, I chose to keep WR Joey Galloway in against a weak Eagles' pass defense and let Reggie Wayne remain on the bench.

This is the type of move that works for 1st place fantasy teams and backfires against bad ones.

Uh-oh.  I'm 0-6.