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Answers for NIN/BUF & NO/CAR

Minnesota at Buffalo 1:00 p.m.

Rb Chester Taylor flopped as much as any RB can flop.  After facing three tough defense, he entered Buffalo with the hopes (mine) that this would be his best game.

Only if it was Opposite Day.  10 rushes for 23 carries wouldn't even get him a starting assignment on the Jets.  However, the Vikes only handed the ball to a RB 12 times.

Also of note, WR Troy Williamson was shut down again.

JP Losman followed-up his 300+ yard game against the Jets with a more efficient 222 yard one with a score and no turnovers.  That is not a fantasy gem, but it is something real life Bills fans will take every week.

Roscoe Parrish had just 25 yards receiving.  There will be no back-dating of his Week Three performance as a "breakout" one.


New Orleans at Carolina 1:00 p.m.

Marques Colsten is a legit WR2, and the Saints top wide receiver following this week's 5 receptions, 132 yards and an 86-yard TD strike.

Joe Horn caught 5 balls and Reggie had four receptions.  They are the 2nd and 3rd options with little doubt.

The Saints split the rushing carries evenly between Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush.  Each back carried the ball eleven times with Deuce getting the TD carry.

WR Steve Smith is the determining facotr between a winning Carloina team and a losing one.  But not one that would have made the Panthers a 7.5 favorite.

To mess with fantasy owners everywhere, RB DeShaun Foster had the type of game everyone thought he'd have before the season began - 105
yards and a score.

D'Angelo Williams also got 62 yards - on eight carries.  Some of the shine comes off Foster's performance in that light.  He only carried the ball 16 times.

If not for a horrendous effort by the Saints in stopping the run, Foster could have easily had 65 yards.