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Answers for IND/NYJ & MIA/HOU

Indianapolis at N.Y. Jets 1:00 p.m.

The Colts did all they could to avoid falling to the J!  E!  T!  S!  Jets!  Jets!  Jets!

This despite the Jets allowing 160 yards rushing.

Reggie Wayne played and caught four balls for 74 yards.  This the second consecutive week he failed to catch a TD but had 70+ yards receiving.  I'll take that as a worst case all the time.

Joseph Addai bounced back with 84 yards rushing.  Unfortuantely, Domanick Rhodes had 75.  This looks like a situation that will remain the same until one of the backs gets injured.

The Jets top three RBs ran the ball much more effectively this week - 117 total yards on 34 attempts for 3.4 ypc.  That looks to be as good as it is going to get.  

Laverneus Coles caught 6 balls for 81 yards, and Jerricho Cotchery had three grabs for 65 with a 33-yard TD catch.  Both receivers look to be exactly what their stats this year say they are - solid WR2 and WR3 plays.


Miami at Houston 1:00 p.m.

Let the benchings begin!  After an embarassing loss to one of the worst teams in the league, fantasy teams everywhere will be cutting QB Daunte Culpepper, treating WR Chris Chambers as a WR2 and sitting RB Ronnie Brown when given the choice between him and Frank Gore.

After the dust clears, keep an eye on Chambers and Brown for buy low opportunities.

In return yardage leagues, KR/PR/WR Wes Welker is the leading Dolphins receiver with 222 yards on 18 receptions.  The leading pass-catcher is RB Ronnie Brown with 19.

Texans QB David Carr had another solid game - 22/29/230/1 with a rushing TD.  He isn't a lock to start but has become adequate when injuries and byes find you squeezed.

WR Andre Johnson finally put the two fantasy pieces for a receiver together - 100+ yards receiving and a TD.  With Carr's improved efficiency, Johnson has risen to the elite ranks of WRs

For the second consecutive week, former 1st round pick, and 8th overall, Ron Dayne carried the bulk of the rushing carries - 22 to Sam Gado's six.  He only had 58 yards, but comapred to Gado's 9, he's Eric Dickerson.