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Questions for Arizona/Oakland & Minnesota/Seattle

Arizona at Oakland 4:15 p.m.

Coming off a devastating loss, how the Cardinals rebound will be telling.  Given they play the Raiders, wouldn't a 10-point win reflect poorly on the teams' make-up?

Can Matt Leinart best the 230 yards passing from each of his first two games?  How about having strong 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters?

Edgerrin James got 36 carries last week and embarassed himself with just 55 yards.  The Raiders offer the perfect opponent to show that he is not washed-up, but will he?

Fellow rookie QB Andrew Walter hasn't thrown for more than 200 yards.  Can he do it against the Cardinals who, outside of Monday Night's showing, have been...uninspiring?

Speaking of uninspiring, how will Randy Moss do?  Can Walter surpass 200 yards passing without Moss being a big part of the receiving game?

Any sign of Ronald Curry this week?

Minnesota at Seattle 4:15 p.m.

Given an extra week to prepare, can the Vikings score more than one TD on offense?

Will RB Chester Taylor be able to add TDs to his good rushing yard totals?  He isn't alone in this department.  There is an epidemic of poorly-scoring/high yardage RBs this season.

In the best imitation of Ben Stein, "Williamson?  Williamson?  Williamson?"

With a game or so remaining before the return of Shaun Alexander, which Mo Morris shows-up, the 11/35 one from Week Four or the 23/74 one from Week Six?  

Last week, Darrell Jackson and Deoin Branch proved to be a great fantasy receiving tandem without the presence of injured WR Bobby Engram.  Will this continue?

Right now, both receivers are solid WR2, and, if MoMo runs they way he has, the Seahawks will need to pass to move the ball.