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Questions for Jacksonville & Houston and Buffalo & NE

Jacksonville at Houston 1:00 P.M.

In there previous game, RB Fred Taylor went for more than 100 yards.  While I strongly suspect that will be his high water mark for the year, he could repeat agains the Texans, but will he?

Without WR Matt Jones, will a receiver other than Reggie Williams step-up?

David Carr-to-Andre Johnson is rock solid.  How will the RBBC look after Dayne's 10 carries/14 yard effort?  Can pre-season fav Wali lundy recapture the lead role?

Does any back who loses their job to Ron Dayne deserve a chance at redemption?

New England at Buffalo 1:00 P.M.

The Patriots will be asked the same questions every week - how does the Maroney/Dillon RBBC perform and does any WR separate himself from the pack?

There is a new one.  Will the lack of a distinguishable receiver finally catch-up to QB Tom Brady and the RBBC?

With six receptions per game, will WR Lee Evans finally break a big one?

Can RB Willis McGahee punch a TD or two into the endzone to give his 505 yards rushing some oomph?