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Answers for Tennessee & Washington

Tennessee at Washington 1:00 p.m.

Does it suck more to be a Dolphins fan or a Redskins fan?

The Titans' RB Travis Henry rolled-up 178 yards rushing and one TD against the Redskins defense in a 25-22 upset win.  

QB Vince Young had his best game to date with 13 of 25 completions and 161 yards with a TD and no INTs.  

That isn't a good line, but, when the opposing team allows that many rushing yards on that many carries, a team needn't be more effective than that to win.

After a 180-yard week, Redskins QB Mark Brunell had has four bad games and two good ones.  The math says he isn't going to be a part of a play-off fantasy team either.

As a result, his WRs were fantasy no-shows, and  only a TD pass the TE Chris Colley made any receiver valuable.

Surprisingly, RB Clinton Portis was unable to rack-up big yardage against the Tennessee ddefense.  He did have two TDs, though, and that will deflect attention for his otherwise mediocre game.