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Answers for Philadelphia & New Orleans

Philadelphia at New Orleans 1:00 p.m.

Amazing!  Simply amazing. QB Donovan McNabb has extended his streak of a different fantasy stud receiver for six straight weeks.

This week WR Reggie Brown followed Dante Stallworth, LJ Smith, Brian Westbrook, Greg Lewis and Hank Baskett.  Brown caught six passes for 121 yards with a 60-yard TD and a 15-yd rushing TD!

All that remains are back-up RBs to extend the streak.

Rookie WR Marques Colsten cuaght one of QB Drew Brees' 3 TD passes, but he only totaled 40 yards with four receptions.  The TD saves him from pumpkin status but do not be surprised to see him perform at that reduced level for the remainder of the year.

I wonder if the Texans were correct to pass on RB Reggie Bush.  He only ran for 25 yards on 11 carries and four receptions for 35.  Not good numbers at all.

In fact, his last three rushing totals are 11/25, 9/23 and 11/22.  Add in the Week Two 6/5, and there exists a statistical fact.