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Answers for San Diego & San Francisco

San Diego at San Francisco 4:15 p.m.

Like the Chiefs/Steelers game, this one has a strange line - Chargers -10 on the road.

The Chargers won 48-19.

The 49ers offense was fine in the first half, but the second one brought back the 2005 version with 70 total yards, no scores and a fumble.

The good news, though, is the fumble wasn't by RB Frank Gore, and he had 55 yards rushing and 35 yards receiving.  With two consecutive no-fumble weeks, the bar has to be raised again.

WR Antonio Bryant had his first good game in a month with 78 yards receiving.  Despite no scores, following games of 3/27, 2/29, and 4/36, this qualifies as "good."

WR Arnaz Battle caught five passes and qualifies as a player to consider starting each week due to the numbers of balls caught.  

However, he doesn't get deep passes and may be considered only relative to other possession receiver types.

LT rushed for four TDs.  That will always cover any blemishes in the rest of the game's production.  He had an additional 71 yards rushing on 21 carries (ouch.) and 7 receptions for 64 yards.

His handcuff managed only 15 yards on five carries and was not involved in the receiving game.

"Rookie" QB Phillip Rivers demonstrated that he is a legit starting QB in the NFl with his 29/39/334/2 game.  He is a safe QB start in most fantasy formats.  

I wonder if the Giants have any regrets?


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