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Answers for Kansas City & Pittsburgh

Kansas City at Pittsburgh 4:15 p.m.

What I wrote about this game merits repeating in its entirety:

If the oddsmakers are correct, the 4th overall defense is walking into the buzzsaw of the 25th-ranked offense.

As seven-point underdogs, nothing else can be concluded.

Apparently, the Chiefs' Larry Johnson won't be effective nor will QB Damon Huard continue his brilliant run.

And Pittsburgh Ben Roethlisberger will suddenly find his ability to be a Super Bowl QB against the 4th-rated pass defense.

I don't see this occurring, but I am not a professional linemaker and have seen stranger things forecasted by betting lines.

The Steelers won 45-7.  QB Ben Roethlisberger was his pre-2006 efficient self (16/19/238/2) combined with strong running from Fast Willie Parker (21/109/2).

Damon Huard was just 16-32 for 162 yards and no TD passes with an INT.  That may be acceptable for the QB of the Falcons but not for any other NFL team, and RB Larry Johnson had 15 carries for just 26 yards.

Proof that linemakers can provide information for fantasy football teams.