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Questions for Chicago/Arizona

Chicago at Arizona 8:30 p.m.

The Cardinals are debuting their new stadium to the nation with an apparent mismatch against the Bears on Monday night.

With no doubters about Chicago's status as one of the best teams in the NFL and any questions about QB Rex Grossman and WR Bomb Berrian answered positively, is this an upset in the making?  Will Grossman revert to the player he had been in seasons' past?

Following Cedric Benson's zero-carry game in Week Three, RB Thomas Jones appeared to be a safe RB2.  However, that game was an obvious abberation as CBen has had double digit carries in the other four games.  If, per chance, he breaks a big run and finishes with 80+ yards, all the doubts about playing time for Julius' big brother will come storming back.

Rookie QB Matt Leinart had a good debut last week, but Chicago is no Kansas City.  As with Andre Walter, Leinart's owners would happily sign-up for a repeat of his Week Five performance.

If only Leinart was in his second season following a great rookie one, I'd draw parallels to the 1985 Miami/Chicago Monday Night game where Dan Marino tore apart the 13-0 Bears....

The only way Edgerrin James averages more than 4.0 ypc this week is if the fantasy gods play the tricks they do whenever anyone thinks prognosticating performance is a hard science and not a rain dance.

How the Cardinals receivers do without Larry Fitzgerald will be an interesting side story.  Does Bryan Johnson get Fitz's looks?  Does the TE get involved, and for those who don't know, that would be either Adam Bergen or Leonard Pope?  The stats say Bergen, who has five receptions in five games versus Pope's three in five games.