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Questions for San Diego/San Francisco

San Diego at San Francisco 4:15 p.m.

Like the Chiefs/Steelers game, this one has a strange line - the Chargers -10 on the road.

This is a clear indication that the 49ers offense is expected to revert to its 2005 levels.  (Or its Week Four one depending on your preferred frame of reference.)

For the Chargers, how the running carries are split is now the team's top question.  At this point, the top three players in this year's fantasy drafts have been, at best, disappointments.

"Rookie" QB Phillip Rivers has demonstrated that his Week One performance clearly understated his ability.  He should be able to produce an adequate game against the Niners.  I'd love to see Schottenheimer let him air it out, but the SD RBs are too good and the Niners defense too bad to change Martyball.

For the Niners, I see two issues to watch.  the first is the fumbling of RB Frank Gore.  It is the only thing holding him back from elite status.  Unfortunately, the Chargers defense is not the place to go to get better.

The other is the receptions distribution between Two-TD Arnaz Battle and Weeks Three -Five Flameout Antonio Bryant.