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Questions for Raiders/Denver

Oakland at Denver 8:15 p.m.

With six teams on byes, those unfortunate owners who had to start WR Ron Curry off his 94-yard

week and RB Justin Vargas will be hoping for a repeat performance.

QB Andrew Walter showed marked improvement over his debut start two weeks ago, but Denver is no San Francisco. The next TD allowed by it will double their season total.  

If I were forced into starting Walter, I'd sign-up for a repeat of last week - 164 yards and a TD with 11 yards rushing!

As I would with a repeat for Curry and Fargas (64 yards).

The Broncos have the 7th highest rusher in yardage with RB Tatum Bell. The Raiders 29th-ranked run defense should allow TBell to remain in the Top 10 and finally get him in the endzone.

If Ronald Curry is starting for fantasy teams, then WR Javon Walker and Rod Smith are locks.  Not that that is very comforting.

However, odds favor QB Jake Plummer having his second 200+ yard game this season, and that would portend favorably for his receivers.