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Questions for Seattle/St. Louis & Tennessee/Washington

Seattle at St. Louis 1:00 p.m.

The biggest question about the Seahawks is how well RB Maurice Morris replaces Top 3 RB Shaun Alexander.  He didn't do an even adequate job in Week Four, but the bye week may have helped him make adjustments.

Can 35-year-old RB Mack Strong has a career-game instead?

Or maybe the Seahawks really do miss Steve Hutchinson who signed with Minnesota and blocks for the league's 4th leading rusher, Chester Taylor.

The Seahawks have had two games where they scored zero TDs and two with three plus TDs.  Which one shows-up?

If it is the TD Squad, then expect the WRs to get a couple TDs.  The question is whether or not those WRs will be named "Darrell Jackson" and "Deoin Branch."  If not, then those TDs may go to waste during a week where starting fantasy players are rare.

The Rams are in first place largely due to their QB's ability to avoid INTs.  Odds are it will not continue this week.  Of course, he has lost two fumbles so maybe there is more to their first place record?

The Rams possess just four fantasy-caliber players - Bulger, RB Stephen  Jackson and WRs Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce.  I prefer that as none are likely to be horrible in any given week.

Will this week be the exception that proves that rule?

Tennessee at Washington 1:00 p.m.

The Titans have been fantasy-awful since QB Vince Young took over two weeks ago. Will this be the week anyone from the team produces a good fantasy week?

I am cheering for Young but have little confidence that he has the weapons to produce.  Unless, he turns into Vick-lite, I fear he'll be nothing be an interesting player to follow, but never one to start on a fantasy squad.

Which Mark Brunnell shows-up this week?  The one from Weeks One, Two and Five or the one from Weeks Three and Four?  This is the biggest question for fantasy players as his performance dictate how well his receivers will do, and, when one of those is 3rd ournd pick Santana Moss, it a question worth asking every week.

RB Clinton Portis appears healthy and should have a big game versus Tennessee regardless of Brunnell's performance.