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Questions for Kansas City/Pittsburgh & Miami/Jets

Kansas City at Pittsburgh 4:15 p.m.

If the oddsmakers are correct, the 4th overall defense is walking into the buzzsaw of the 25th-ranked offense.

As seven-point underdogs, nothing else can be concluded.

Apparently, the Chiefs' Larry Johnson won't be effective nor will QB Damon Huard continue his brilliant run.

And Pittsburgh Ben Roethlisberger will suddenly find his ability to be a Super Bowl QB against the 4th-rated pass defense.

I don't see this occurring, but I am not a professional linemaker and have seen stranger things forecasted by betting lines.

Miami at N.Y. Jets 4:15 p.m.

Just as I am ready to drop RB Ronnie Brown into the middle of the RB2 ranks, he gets a game against the soft rush defense of the Jets.

If Ronnie Brown explodes this week, he lives to start another day.  If he fails, then he will find himslef joing QB Daunte Culpepper and WR Chris Chambers on the fantasy bench.

An interesting development will happen with the  Dolphins' 2nd WR.  With Marty Booker out, rookie 3rd round pick Derek Hagan draws the starting assignment and WR/KR/PR Wes Welker gets an officially-expanded role. Does Derek Hagan make the first positive impact amongst his fellow 2006 draftees?

The Jets are apparently starting Kevan Barlow this week at RB.  Is this just a start to allow the veteran to be the #1 back or is Eric Mangini blind and can't see that RB Leon Washington offers the team the most hope of averaging more than three yards per rush?

How will the entire passing attack rebound after last week's embarassing showing?  Will QB Chad Pennington turn back to a handsome prince or will he remain an ugly frog?

If he doesn't improve, how will his receivers be viewed following two poor weeks?

As bad as Miami has been, its defense is still ranked 5th overall in yards-allowed with 11th-rated rush and 12th-rated pass components.

Could my focus on fantasy football have caused me to underrate the Dolphins?