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Questions for Dallas/Houston

Houston at Dallas 1:00 p.m.

Houston enters this game with an excellent fantasy combo of QB David Carr and WR Andre Johnson.  How will they do following their bye week?

Can RB Ron Dayne continue to dominate the rushing carries and make the threat of an RBBC a thing of the past?

One thing to recall, the Texans were considered the one of the worst teams in the NFL before upsetting the Dolphins.  There is little reason to believe the Cowboys won't get a big enough lead to necessitate more passing by the TExans.

Afterall, Ron Dayne as the #1 RB doesn't inspire confidence in the Texans' ability to play catch-up while running the ball effectively.

The Cowboys were embarassed by the Drew Bledso-led Eagles.  With a weak Texans defense, expect to see the Cowboys score - regardless of Bledsoe's efforts for the other team.

Despite the perception that Julius Jones is less than a quality back, he is averaging nearly 100 yards per game.  If not for those three Marion Barber III TDs....

Will this be T.O.'s first big week as a Cowboy - on the field?