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Questions for Carolina/Baltimore

Carolina at Baltimore 1:00 p.m.

Just as RB DeShaun Foster established himself as the undisputed #1 RB in Carolina via consecutive

100+ yard games and a D'Angelo Williams ankle injury, the Panthers take their act on the road to Baltimore.

With 20+ carries, can Foster get 80+ yards rushing?  A TD?

Can QB Jake Delhomme produce enough passing yardage with WRs Steve Smith and Keyshawn Johnson to score the 17 points needed to virtually guarantee a road win?

The Ravens absolutely need their Defense to contribute points.  Whether it is a TD or causing a turnover deep in the Panther's territory that leads toa  score, I can't see the team winning without that direct assitance.

How the carries are split amongst RBs Jamaal Lewis, Mike Anderson and Musa Smith will be of prime fantasy importance.

Secondarily will be the starts of WRs Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton.  With six teams on their bye, the likelihood of each starting for fantasy teams is high.  How will each do?  Will their owners get a lucky TD and survive to move one to Week Seven with a victory?