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Questions for Buffalo/Detroit

Buffalo at Detroit 1:00 p.m.

Minus last week's game against the Vikings, the Detroit pass defense has been the place bad passing games go to get better, and Buffalo's JP
Losman-led one is a bad one.  The 29th-ranked passing game has a QB who should rarely be starter by fantasy players, and a burner WR Lee Evans who averages a mere 12.0 yards per reception - 4.5 ypc fewer than his career average entering the season.

Will the old Lee Evans make an appearance against the 30th-ranked pass defense?

The Lions enter this game with the 6th-ranked passing offense and the 32nd-ranked rushing one.  This is surprising with a decent RB in Kevin Jones.  But stats don't lie.

With 52.2 ypg, RB Kevin Jones gets the bulk of those 59.6 ypg.  Will he have a good game i.e. 90+ yards and defy the statistical truth of the first five games?

Following his two TD game in Week Four, WR Mike Furrey was added to fantasy teams only to provide a stinker in Week Five - 3 receptions and 41 yards.  Which version shows up this week?

Does the risen-from-the-dead performance of Az-Zahir Akim last week signal the end of the Mike Furrey Fury?