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Oddsmaker's Signals

The most interesting line is on the Bills/Lions.  It opened with Detroit -1 and flipped to Detroit +1.

The Lions are 0-5, and the Bills are 2-3 and have been awful a couple times this season.

The bettors are hoping J.P. Losman doesn't turnover the ball while its RB WIlliam McGahee continues to be amongst the top yardage gainers.  The Lions are expected to play poorly at home and not "improve" to 1-5.

I am surprised the Bills are considered good enough to be a road favorite at all.  Didn't the Lions defense shut down Minnesota?  Recall it was two defensive touchdowns that gave the Vikings the win.

The Steelers are favored by a touchdown.  Apparently, Damon Huard is not as scary as Phillip Rivers.  Otherwise, the line would be smaller after Rivers effectively threw against the Pittsburgh defense.

I am curious if the Steelers are capable of...

...keeping Kansas City to fewer than 10 points because I am not confident the Steelers can score 17+ that would make laying seven a comforting proposition.

Ben Roethlisberger has not been good.  I'd blame the receivers, too, but they seemed perfectly capable when Charlie Batch led them in Week one.

The Cowboys are going to be mad come Sunday against the Texans following the embarassment the Eagles inflicted upon them.  What else accounts for a 13-point road favorite against a team coming off their bye week?

Can Drew Bledsoe really be relied on to not play for the Texans?

I am curious about the Jets/Dolphins game.  The line is 2.5, and I'd have thought the Dolphins have proven they are bad.  Can the Jets really be worse?

Is this a signal that QB Chad Pennington has somethign to worry about?

Or is it a signal that Miami RB Ronnie Brown is in for a big week against the soft-as-Santa's-belly Jets run defense?

All things considered, being less than a three-point home favorite against a bad Dolphisn team is noteworthy.