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Week Four Moves


Larry Johnson is back in the starting line-up along with Ronnie Brown.  I am hesitant because I believe RB Chester Taylor is going to have a his best week so far agains the Bills, but this is a problem in shallow leagues and I won't second guess it.

The Cowboys defense is back in.  At Tennesee seems a better bet than the Eagles against the Favre passing game.

After all, the Eagles defense did allow the 49ers to tack on 21 late points.

The tough decision is whether I start Kurt Warner and take a substantial risk of a mid-game change or do I pluck a Mark Bulger from the pool.

That seems obvious, but the league has fixed rosters spots, and each team may only have two QBs at one time.

If I elect to pick-up a QB from the pool, and given the risk, that is the wise move, then I must drop Warner or Leinart.

I chose to drop Warner and pick-up Bulger.  Let's hope the Lions didn't learn how to defend the pass in a week.

Given the shallowness of the league, I'll play match-ups for the remainder of the year.  Amongst the QBS stil in the pool are Brett Favre, Chad Pennington, Rex Grossman, Charlie Frye, Kurt Warner, Bledsoe, Losman and Alex Smith.

With all the other teams limited by the same roster rules, I have little fear of there being a more shallow pool to chose from each week.


I lucked out last week and won by a point.  Todd Heap's 9 point game wasn't the difference, but it was real close.

Subsequently, I was ready to cut Sheffler.  Sleepers at draft time don't get the slack after three games and one catch.  Maybe next year or following a Steve Alexander injury, but not now.

Following the Chris Sims injury and the decision by the Cardinals to start Kurt Warner, I found myself looking for a QB on Tuesday.

After scouring the free agent pool, I lit upon Raiders QB Andrew Walter.  I don't like it, but a possible trade of Greg Jennings for Drew Brees didn't get far.

WR Matt Jones moved back into the line-up after deciding to sit him despite his being active last week.  Cedric Wilson didn't do much - certainly not what Greg Jennings did - but he played, and Jones did not.

Saturday's announcement that Vince Young will start for the Titans has left me with my toughest decision of the week - Andrew Walter versus Cleveland or Vince Young versus Dallas.

I want to start Young so I can root for him, but I believe Randy Moss and Lamont Jordan are going to have a good game - and that does not happen without Walter being servicable.

Yahoo! 12

Starting WR Andre Johnson worked fine as he had 150+ yards receiving.

I dropped Qb Ben Roethlisberger and picked-up San Fran TE Eric Johnson to play during Heath Miller's bye week.

Reothlisberger may do well with an additional week to recover from a traumatic year in the ER, but I have Drew Brees and the soon-to-be starting Matt Lienart.  

With three QBs, I decided I wouldn't start Roethlisberger over Brees nor would I start him over Lienart, so off he went in hopes of a one TD TE week!

Yahoo! 10

With Tampa Bay on a bye, I sat WR Joey Galloway and replaced him with rookie wideout Greg Jennings.

I wanted to replace QB Daunte Culpepper, but the decison was made to give him one more chance against one of the worst defenses in the league.

If he doesn't do well against Mario Williams' defense then I suspect he finds himself on the bench/cut in most fantasy leagues.