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Celtics and T-Wolves swap seven

OK, I'm still trying to sort out the Celtics/Timberwolves trade.

Minnesota acquired:

  • SG Ricky Davis (from Celtics)
  • C Mark Blount (from Celtics)
  • PG Marcus Banks (from Celtics)
  • SF Justin Reed (from Celtics)
  • 2 conditional 2nd Round Picks (from Celtics)

And Boston acquired:

  • SG/SF Wally Szczerbiak (to the Celtics)
  • C Michael Olowokandi (to the Celtics)
  • F/C Dwayne Jones (to the Celtics)

Let's see, the Ricky for Wally swap should end up being a wash -- Wally has scored marginally more points in marginally fewer attempts. I'm guessing Olowokandi is screwed, though, as he has little chance of starting and will likely scrap for playing time behind youngsters Al Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins. Banks could theoretically see some minutes later in the year, but he's not a guy you need to worry about picking up right now.

Mark Blount is, well, Mark Blount. As Tom Carpenter of Roto Times says:

In Minnesota, the only real fantasy effect will be at center. Blount should replace Eddie Griffin as the starter. The trouble is that Blount can barely rebound and does nothing else for the fantasy owner, whereas Griffin was a center capable of blocking shots and hitting triples. But odds at this point are that Griffin will go back to reserve minutes and see his fantasy value evaporate.

So yeah, seven players and three draft picks make for a very big trade, but when you really look at it, it's pretty small in terms of fantasy impact.

The previous trade that Minnesota did which sent Nikoloz Tskitishvili to Phoenix for a second-round pick is one to keep an eye on, though, especially if you're one of those Tskitishvili apologists who believes he simply needs playing time and the right offense.