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Kobe's amazing pace

As I mentioned before, I've written for the Roto Times since the site launched, so I'm more than a little biased when it comes to heading over there when I'm trying to fill my fantasy fix.

But biases aside, from the purely objective standpoint of a basketball fan, I greatly enjoy Brian Doolittle's weekly ramblings about the NBA. With Kobe Bryant dropping 81 points last weekend, it's no surprise that Kobe is the topic of conversation in Doolittle's latest column:

We are witnessing an individual dream season (Bryant is now at 36 ppg) that is unmatched by anyone since Michael Jordan's 1986-87 season (37.1 pg). Some other nuggets from Sunday's masterpiece: Bryant scored 51 points after the Raptors went ahead 71-53 in the third quarter. Bryant has averaged 43 ppg over his past 15 games. He scored 38 points before Lamar Odom scored his first point. Lost amid this scoring barrage is the fact Bryant had his streak of consecutive free throws made snapped at 62 - another Lakers record.