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Jacksonville Jaguars trade Gardner Minshew to the Philadelphia Eagles

“Mustache” is on the move.

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Gardner “Mustache” Minshew is on the move to the Philadelphia Eagles:

“Minshew Mania” now moves to Philly, as a backup to the incumbent Jalen Hurts (who was already a polarizing player for many). Odds are this may give Hurts slightly more of a discount in drafts. He’s currently the QB11 off the boards per FantasyPros ECR. That’s a dicey proposition, but one that could pay off handsomely given Hurts’ ability to make things happen with his legs.

Of course, Minshew isn’t your typical backup, either.

Actually, Minshew has a 7-13 record as a starter, so he isn’t a “winning” quarterback. But wins aren’t a QB statistic, and 37 scores against just 11 interceptions will play anywhere. I’d say the Eagles hosed the Jaguars here. Why give up a competent backup if you’re Jacksonville? Either way, whether this winds up as a sixth or fifth round pick, for a quarterback of Minshew’s quality, the Eagles added a quality piece. Hopefully it doesn’t mess with Jalen Hurts’ psyche too much...

Add it all up, and I’m pouring a tiny bit of cold water on my Jalen Hurts love this year. I don’t think Minshew is an immediate threat, but if Hurts falters, the drumbeats should get pretty deafening for his backup.