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2021 NHL Power Rankings: Maple Leafs are in charge now

A few Canadian teams are looking dominant.

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

My last round of power rankings was January as we started this NHL season. Since then each division has played solely within their own divisions. Some teams have thrived off beating the same team repeatedly, some are struggling being against formidable opponents repeatedly and some quite honestly have played significantly fewer games than the rest due to COVID-19 delays.

Here are my 2021 NHL power rankings heading into the second month of the hockey season.

NHL February Power Rankings

Rank Prev. Rank Team Notes
Rank Prev. Rank Team Notes
1 4 Toronto Maple Leafs Absolutely dominant right now
2 2 Tamp Bay Lightning Still strong just biding their time
3 3 Boston Bruins One of the best win margins in the league
4 17 Edmonton Oilers Leon and Connor deserve this strong start
5 19 Florida Panthers Part of a 4 way tie for most 1 goal wins in the league
6 22 Montreal Canadiens Strong start hit a brief skid but I believe it's short lived
7 8 Philadelphia Flyers Need to get Carter to rebound from skid
8 1 Colorado Avalanche Leading league in goals against
9 12 Calgary Flames Good spread of teams beat, winning margin and home vs. away
10 7 Vegas Golden Knights Just one game not vs. Ana, Ari and LA (tough to read)
11 18 Columbus Blue Jackets Part of a 4 way tie for most 1 goal wins in the league
12 20 Winnipeg Jets Pilling up all of their wins on OTT and CAL
13 5 St. Louis Blues 3 game losing skid
14 16 Carolina Hurricanes Solid defense
15 13 New York Islanders They've been tested hard, brighter roads ahead
16 6 Washington Capitals
17 11 Pittsbugh Penguins Part of a 4 way tie for most 1 goal wins in the league
18 9 Vancouver Canucks 3rd most goals for in the league; but 6 game losing streak
19 26 Chicago Blackhawks Half their wins are against the Red Wings
20 31 Anaheim Ducks
21 27 Arizona Coyotes Three wins vs. the Blues
22 29 San Jose Sharks All road wins
23 23 New Jersey Devils Tough to tell given how few games they've played
24 24 Minnesota Wild Not blowing out any teams but getting their wins
25 10 Nashville Predators Need to be home to win; rough goal differential
26 25 Los Angeles Kings 1 win vs. 4 different teams
27 15 Dallas Stars Only winning at home
28 14 Buffalo Sabres I'm not mad, I'm disappointed
29 21 New York Rangers
30 32 Detroit Red Wings
31 30 Ottawa Senators